Drs. Joy MacDermid & Nicholas Carleton recognized by the Royal Society of Canada

Congratulations to Dr. Joy MacDermid, FIREWELL Director, on being elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada (RSC)! Dr. MacDermid was elected by her peers (RSC members) for her outstanding achievements in rehabilitation research and her collaborations with firefighters and patients.

“Joy MacDermid pioneered patient-reported outcome measures that are widely used to assess functional outcomes. As a leader in evidence-based surgery and rehabilitation, she has developed and applied methods to synthesize research. MacDermid works with knowledge users to identify priority issues in musculoskeletal health and leads the resulting (inter)national clinical trials. These trials and syntheses have had a major impact on practice and policy in Canada and internationally.”

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Congratulations to Dr. Nicholas Carleton (University of Regina, CIPSRT Scientific Director) on being named as a new member of the RSC’s College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists.

“Nicholas Carleton led the foundation of the Canadian Institute for Public Safety Research and Treatment, and serves as Scientific Director. His work has impacted mental health outcomes, practices, and policies on the Canadian health system and internationally through developing and integrating a comprehensive system of mental health research, assessment, and treatment. His efforts have galvanized Public Safety Personnel research, setting the stage to tangibly improve mental health for all Canadians.”

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