Firefighters frequently start their career in excellent physical condition. The nature of firefighting work–periods of relative inactivity interspersed with highly strenuous work–and aging can lead to a decline in fitness and heart problems.

Cardiosvacular Promotion and Prevention Programs

IAFF Wellness-Fitness Initiative (WFI)
Developers: International Association of Fire Fighters
Description: A wellness program comprised of medical evaluations, rehabilitation program, fitness training, and behavioral health evaluations.
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IAFF/IAFC/ACE Peer Fitness Training Certification Program
Developers: International Association of Fire Fighters, International Association of Fire Chiefs, American Council of Exercise
Description: A certification program that trains firefighters how to set up and lead fitness program for other firefighters in their own department.
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Risks Beyond the Fire Ground: Fitness, Nutrition, Substance Use & Sleep
Presenter: Dr. Sara Jahnke (Center for Fire, Rescue and EMS Health Research)
Published: 2018
Description: A 50-minute video on the measures that firefighters can take to improve their physical and mental health.

Safety and Survival: Matters of the heart for women in the fire service
Author: Dominica D’Avella (National Volunteer Fire Council)
Published: 2017
Description: An article on how promote and improve the health of both part (heart) and whole (body) for female firefighters.
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Heart-Healthy Firefighter Program
Developers: National Volunteer Fire Council
Description: A prevention program that provides online tools and resources to help first responders reduce their risks for heart attacks and other heart diseases.
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Fire Fighter Injury Prevention by David Frost
Developers: David Frost
Description: In this 1-hour video presentation (originally delivered to IAFF in 2015), Dr. David Frost speaks about the impact of changing the ways firefighters train: rethinking the purpose of fitness, not just to become more fit but the effect on work life, family life, and ability to perform recreational activities.

0:00-7:10 Introduction
7:10-14:40 Peer Fitness program; exercise, redefining purpose of fitness (job, home, outside recreation)
14:40-24:26 Injury causes
24:26-30:00 Research and change fitness training approach
30:00-37:18 How to change bad habits that lead to injury
37:18-44:00 Three things to prevent injury
44:00-50:00 Wellness and Fitness Continuum (want and need/ability)
50:00-1:02:04 Steps lead to big change (how to make others care: find what is important to them)

Firefighter Life Safety Initiative 6: Medical and Physical Fitness
Developers: National Fallen Firefighters Foundaton
Description: The goal of iniative 6 is to increase awareness of the need for medical and physical wellness programs for every firefighter.
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Tactical Strength and Conditioning
Developers: National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA)
Description: A website that provides resources on tactical strength and conditioning. Some content accessible only to members.
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The Four Foundations of Tactical Fitness
Developers: Ty Wheeler, Fire Engineering
Description: Articles that provide advice on fitness conditioning and sample program.
Part 1 (2016)
Part 2: Tactical Strength (2017)
Part 3: Conditioning (2017)

Humpday Hangout (3/4/15): Firefighter Fitness
Developers: Fire Engineering (Hosted by Aaron Heller, Steve Pegram)
Description: A 1-hour video on the importance of firefighter fitness, physical training, and getting routine physical exams.


Fit to Survive: The firefighter’s guide to health and nutrition
Developers: International Association of Fire Fighters
Description: Healthy nutrition and living resources for firefighters
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Health and Wellness
Developers: Oshawa Professional Firefighters Association
Published: 2012
Description: Short articles on maintaining and improving fitness.
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