RESEARCH OPPORTUNITY: Spouses/partners of fire, police, and paramedic members in BC, AB, SK, and ON

The Family First Responder (FFR) research study (Lead: Dr. Kelly Schwartz, University of Calgary) is inviting family members of police, fire, and paramedic services in BC, AB, SK, and ON to join the feasibility study of their new program, Re: Building Families.

1. Virtual Group Participation:
Starting the week of January 30, 2023, spouses/partners can join a 6-week virtual program (90 mins/week) with up to 10 other spouses/partners. Licensed psychologists will lead participants in learning about and discussing the strengths and risks of living in a first responder family.

2. Self-Directed Participation:
Starting in February 2023, spouses/partners of first responders can participate in a 6-week self-directed study of the learning material as presented in the above virtual groups, but without the weekly peer interaction and guided learning experience.

If you are interested and want more information, please contact: